You may recall that last summer the LCC, in collaboration with the Lake Clear Property Owners Association (LCPOA), invited the Love Your Lake Program, an initiative of Watersheds Canada and the Canadian Wildlife Federation, to assess the shoreline of our lake for the purpose of suggesting ways in which we could protect and even improve the health of Lake Clear. As you know, a natural shoreline is the single most important factor when it comes to protection of water quality, wildlife, and the fishery. We were very lucky to be able to take advantage of the expertise offered by these organizations at no charge to us. Thank you to all the volunteers who provided boats and drivers and accommodation during the assessment process

In mid-April Watersheds Canada/Love Your Lake sent every property owner a mailing containing a special code that is yours alone and provides online access to the report on your property. Your confidential report will include details on the state of your shoreline and recommended actions for improving lake health for people and wildlife. If you haven’t received your mailing by now, please contact us by email at or by phone at 416-795-7238 so we can make sure that no one misses out on this valuable information. 

 Natural Edge coming to Lake Clear – 2023 Cottage Season   

Included in your mailing will be a brochure informing you about Watershed Canada’s follow-up initiative to Love Your Lake, called The Natural Edge. We urge everyone to take advantage of the initial free site visit offered by The Natural Edge, the purpose of which is to discuss shoreline concerns unique to your property, provide recommendations, and assess planting conditions.

Another option, available for purchase if desired:  The Natural Edge provides, at a cost of $395, a Shoreline Re-Naturalization Kit which includes 50 native plants (this alone is worth more than $395), a customized planting plan and other needed items.

The LCC/LCPOA are teaming up to help you with your planting

We are establishing a team of volunteers who will learn about how the planting plans work as well as planting techniques to be used. During the planting season, volunteers will be dispatched to any property owners who would like to have assistance in planting. Invite your neighbours to join you to make this activity a social event. It also serves as a great opportunity to help our children learn about the benefits of planting at shorelines. Stay tuned to find out more about how to volunteer for this initiative.

Big news to come!

Because natural shorelines are so important to lake health, the LCC and the LCPOA have established a modest fund to help the early applicants by paying nearly 75% of the cost of the Shoreline Naturalization Kit. Look for our email providing more detail on the financial assistance that will be available after you receive your unique property report!

Remember, the extent and nature of the changes you make to your shoreline are entirely up to you.

We wish you a wonderful Spring!

The LCC and the LCPOA